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Nationwide collection – sustainable services for restaurants and trade

Restaurants, hotels, catering kitchens and canteens regularly need to dispose of food waste and used deep-frying oils. The same applies to overstocked and out-of-date food discarded by the retail sector as well as leftovers from food production. The SARIA Group seeks to support these industries by providing tailor-made waste management solutions.

What we offer

Within the SARIA Group, two business units specialise in collecting waste materials from the hospitality, retail and industrial sectors: ReFood, which serves 70,000 customers and is among the market leaders in Germany, and GERLICHER. As a customer, you benefit from numerous advantages. These companies offer specialist advice on disposal issues, provide container systems that meet individual requirements and adapt the collection frequency to your needs. With over 1,500 vehicles, we are able to provide a reliable service throughout Germany.

Your partners

From the food industry to the hospitality sector and retail, food and food waste is generated in many different contexts and needs to be collected and disposed of safely and hygienically. ReFood is a reliable partner here. more

In addition to disposal of used fats, GERLICHER is also a supplier of premium frying oils. Our FATBACK® system combines waste oil collection with delivery of fresh oil. This service is not only ecologically sustainable, it also saves you valuable time. more

More than frying oils.

With its FATBACK® system, GERLICHER not only provides sustainable and reliable collection and recycling of used oils, it also supplies fresh premium frying oils. This is just one of our many products for the hospitality and food industry.

More about our products


Whether it’s our back office team, customer service staff or drivers, every team member does their best to support and create value for you by providing customer-focused, efficient and sustainable collection services.

We have a presence throughout Germany and can offer our services nationwide. That way, our customers benefit from fast service and local contacts, while close proximity is also environmentally preferable.

Thanks to our industry knowledge, we understand our customers’ exact needs and offer bespoke disposal services that are reliable, flexible and comply with all legal requirements.

Our GERLICHER-Team: in daily operation for you.

You would like to know more about our work?

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